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Recently moved to Australia or planning to visit the country for educational or career prospects? Australian culture is a home to exotic flora and wildlife, diverse culture, clean environment, and congenial people and much more. Australia is one of the most attractive destinations in the world and holds historical importance too. The country is known as one of the world’s highly urbanised countries and is famous for its beaches, deserts and wide open spaces. There are over 500 national parks and 60 wine regions in the country. Australian lifestyle is one that most people desire and extract out the benefits of the magnificent landscape, impressive study options, and the lush green environs.


We have listed out the major attractions of this country below-



Multicultural society-  Australia has sheltered people from over 100 countries. People from various places around the world have migrated to Australia and made it a culturally diverse location. Students are attracted to the multicultural society.

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Great climate- Australia experiences all the 4 seasons explicitly. The air is refreshing in spring, summers are hot and sunny, autumns comes in the most glorious way and winters are mild.


Exotic flora and fauna- Australia has over 500 national parks, Ningaloo Reef is an abode of Whale Sharks and the flora here is mesmerizing.


Unsullied nature- The preserved and the unspoiled natural atmosphere is one of the major attractions of Australia. The country has lush green rainforests, sandy beaches, deserts, and snow-covered mountains as there significant attractions. Having all these under one name is extraordinary!





Safe country-  Safety is one of the primary concern and Australia stands ahead of all in terms of security and safety. It is considered the safest continent to study, work and reside in.

Politically Stable- Australian landscape is guarded and exhibits a structural outlook that is highly stable in political, cultural and sedentary lifestyle.


Congenial people-  Countries are known by the people that reside in. Aussies are considered as the most generous and helpful kind. According to a survey, Sydney is the world’s second friendliest destination and makes Australia a very friendly continent.

Great opportunities to study- The educational structure presented by the country is substantial and offers a wide array of educational support to students domestically and also invites students from abroad.

Low population density- Australia is said to be covered in a wide area of over 7,500,000 km2, and the population is as low as about 23 million. The country is less crowded and thus gives a more breathing space to the people living there.


Multicultural food and local delicacies- Food is one of the fundamental things of our well being and Aussies are greatly influenced by local delectable meals and also encourages different cuisines from around the world. Interesting fact alert- An average Aussie drinks 96 litres of beer each year and has a taste for entertainment and amusement.

To conclude, Australia is one of the most alluring destinations for education, tourism and even if you want to work and settle in Abroad.  Consider and Rethink over these points and make an informed decision!

Happy living!

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