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Everything you Need to Know About the Australian Student Visa Program

Did you know that by the end of February this year over 20,504* Indian students are currently enrolled in third level education in the state of Victoria? Or that over 44,571* had chosen collegiate courses in NSW? According to statistics over 45,654* students from China were also enrolled in tertiary education in Victoria, highlighting not only the exceptional levels of education offered by Australian educational institutions but also the incredible diversity of culture being shared amongst the Australian community.

The traditional model of immigration is based on creating international relationships with skilled workers, business entrepreneurs, families, and students that help to build economies, shape society and support the labour market and unite families the world over. In Australia every year the government implement levels to meet the social and economic needs of Australia. If you’re a student living in India, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Africa or any other country not listed, the chance to immerse yourself in the Australian culture while furthering your education is an adventure not to pass up if you fit all the relevant criteria!

So if you’ve been planning to experience the opportunity and multiculturalism of Australia while furthering your education there are a few considerations when making your student visa application including:

  • Financial resources: can you prove you have the ability to pay for your course? Do you need financial guidance or assistance, please consult our Registered Migration Agents for any assistance. You will also need to factor in your travel costs and living costs as well as your tuition fees.
  • Proficiency in English: Do you have a good command of the English language? Is your comprehension at a level high enough that you would pass standardised tests necessary to establish your proficiency in English?
  • Health: Good health is a vital component of your student visa application process. You will need to provide Doctor certifications to support your claim of good health.

So you know about Kangaroos and who doesn’t agree that a day on Bondi Beach isn’t something to dream about, and as you take those enthusiastic steps to making an Australian student visa application it pays to be informed. Did you know that as of July 2016 there are changes to the number of student visa categories? This has been Team of engineers learning blueprint at meetingimplemented to streamline the process and get you on your way to studying in one of Australia’s vibrant cities such as Melbourne, Sydney or Perth in a more straightforward and transparent way.

So what are the changes I hear you ask, let’s take a look!

  • There will only be two student visa categories going forward, they will be the SC500 (student) and SC590 (Student Guardian) subclasses.
  • This will streamline both the application and processing requirements for student visa applicants.
  • The criteria will be common for all applicants which features financial capacity, enrolment criteria, English proficiency and ensuring that the applicant is indeed a “genuine” student.
  • The process will also communicate openly the conditions of the visa and which courses are found to be applicable to the subclass you have chosen to pursue.

If you see yourself sipping lattes as part of Melbourne’s international café lifestyle or perhaps Sydney and Bondi with thoughts of days spent on the beach (when not studying of course!) are too tempting, fill out our online assessment form today. Australia and her educational institutions and Koalas wait to welcome you as you continue your pursuit of higher-level education and oh by the way the coffee is great!


*Department of Education and Training – Australian Government

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