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How International Student Integration Benefits Multicultural Communities

Australia’s education system is so popular with international students that it helps enrich our multicultural diversity. The influx of keen learners from around the world not only contributes to our economy but they also bring with them their passions, their knowledge and their stories. Australian student visas can do a lot to shape our country for the better.

World Leader in Education

Senator Richard Colbeck said that in 2015 almost half a million international students studied in Australia and that there was a 10% growth in numbers compared to 2014. These statistics demonstrate that the Australian population is growing to accommodate international students looking for a great place to study and to live.

In addition to studying, these international students are also integrating into Australian society and are helping shape the future.Happy couple in love embracing in while exploring the city.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 24.6% of Australia’s population was born overseas while 43.1% of people have at least one parent that was born overseas. In other words, a quarter of our population has familial ties with other countries. These bonds are important to maintain and are paramount to our national identity as a place that celebrates the representation of other cultures such as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, India and Vietnam.

Australia offers opportunities for migrants to receive the training and the professional assistance they need to satisfy the requirements of an Australian student visa. Consult a registered migration agent like Glorious Immigration to discuss fulfilment criteria such as English proficiency, health insurance cover and more.

Immigration Success Story

A recent case study of an intensive care nurse who moved from India to study in Australia highlights the advantages of connecting a Tasmanian community with culture. Mr Jerose Joseph shared his passion for cricket and Indian cinema to bring both the Indian and wider communities closer together.

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