The Australian Student Visa Specialists & More

For many international students, the opportunity to avail of the high level of tertiary education in Australia is a motivating factor to excel in their studies and bring that knowledge and expertise back to their local communities. This dream can be realised with an Australian student visa, and we also provide guidance in regards to permanent residency visas, business visas, holidays visas and the full selection of migration visas appropriate to your individual circumstances.

The team at Glorious Immigration are well versed in assisting students who are currently on an Australian student visa and wish to change their collegiate course, educational facility or discuss their individual circumstances with a Registered Migration Agent. With our team of Senior Educational Consultants, we consult closely with the student to ascertain:

  • Are they experiencing issues that are negatively impacting their capacity to study?
  • What changes have occurred that have resulted in the student seeking a different educational institution?
  • Why do they wish to change their chosen course?

With our extensive expertise, we can guide the student through the various course options available and ensure the course complements their future professional goals. Our informed and educated guidance will advise on the financial implications and logistical challenges that may be encountered and assist in finding a suitable resolution through our expertise. We shall also counsel the student both appropriately and compassionately in order to help them realise their future goals and aspirations.

Onshore Services

From counseling on the various college courses available to guidance from our Registered Migration Agents and Educational Consultants, we can advise on other visas which may be more appropriate to your circumstances if they should change.

At Glorious Immigration, our team of Registered Migration Agents can assist and guide those looking for a new pathway to securing their future in Australia, and offer assistance with a selection of visas including:

Onshore Guidance for Students

We invite all students or individuals looking to extend their visa to fill out our online assessment or contact the team directly on + 61 03 8579 2330.