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Are you a Nurse, IT Specialist or Engineer? Australia Needs you!

If you are a Nurse, Doctor, IT specialist or Engineer, Australia needs you! With over 68% of people migrating to Australia falling into the skilled migrant visa category, your skill set and expertise are in high demand.

Migration to Australia I

Have you pictured yourself with a work-life balance that includes vibrant cosmopolitan cities and scenic coastlines that go on forever? Growing your family in a country bursting at the seams with opportunity, while making a very real contribution to society through the practice of your nursing skills, you may be able to forge a pathway to securing an incredible future for you and your family.

Perhaps you would like to work in Australia for a year, or maybe the thought of permanent residency is more appealing. From long term options, to study and upskilling, there may be a particular visa suited to your individual circumstances. Knowing that visa applications from nurses and skilled workers receive high priority status, let’s take a look at the various options available to you through Glorious Immigration.

  • In order to make a visa application of any subclass, you need to be in good health and have achieved a certain level of education and experience in order to practice.
  • The ANMC (or the nurse regulatory body in the State or Territory) in which you choose to work will assess and determine whether your skills and education qualifies you to work as a nurse in Australia.
  • Did you know if you are aged less than 45 years and have three years training followed by three years of relevant work experience this may make you eligible for a permanent resident’s visa? This scheme is designed to support Australian employers in filling skills shortages via skilled migration.

Skill Matching Visa

A visa created for nurses who possess skills that are in demand and are looking to be nominated by a State or Territory government or an employer. In order to satisfy the requirements for this permanent visa, you must meet certain criteria for skill set, age, and English language proficiency.

Business (Long Stay) Visa

A business visa may enable you to work as a registered nurse on behalf of an approved business sponsor. This visa will allow you to stay in Australia for up to four years with full working rights for both you and your family.

Sponsored Relative Skilled (Australian Sponsored) Visa

As a nurse, you may nominate a close family relative within certain regions of Australia to be your sponsor who can also provide you with financial support. This may make you eligible for a permanent residency visa also.

Independent Skilled Visa

A permanent visa for those who wish to work in Australia as a nurse without a sponsor. In order to fulfil the criteria, you will be required to pass a points test that includes skills, age, English proficiency, work experience and area of expertise. Additional points are awarded if you hold an Australian qualification or previous work experience.

If you would prefer to pursue a temporary visa option, you may make an application for:

  • Business short stay visa (this may lead to a business long stay visa)
  • Student visa (to study a nursing course to further your skills)


The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) has more information including links to State and Territory nurse regulatory bodies.
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