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Student Visa

Are you hoping to study in Australia? Explore the reality of living and studying in Australia, with Glorious Immigration. Our education experts work with students worldwide, providing guidance and counseling on the workings of the Australian education system.
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Permanent Resident Visa

There are various paths to securing permanent residency in Australia. Our Registered Migration Agents are familiar with the different Australian visa options available to you and can help you make well informed decisions about the immigration process and your future.

Work Visa

Australia’s progressive Migration structure is designed to prevent skill shortages within the workforce. Australia seeks to attract the right skilled professionals to best equip their industries to support  growth within the economy and industry sector.
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Business Visa

Australia values the entrepreneurial spirit. Business innovators are welcomed through structured business visa class options. This provides entrepreneurs with an avenue to grow their business interests in Australia.

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About Us

Glorious Immigration is a team of Registered Migration Agents. We offer independent advice that caters to your unique situation.Our team is committed to achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

We are independent of the Australian Government and act within the Australian Immigration Legislation.

How much do you charge for your services?

We offer the first 15 minutes of your consultation free of charge with no obligation to continue with our services. This consultation is centered on understanding your current situation and determining your best possible immigration options. In the consultation, we will try to understand your specific concerns, which objectives you hope to achieve, and discuss different available solutions.

What do we discuss in the consultation?

In your consultation, we will ask questions about:
Your educational background, qualified and certified skills, work experience both overseas and in Australia, and any gaps in your work and education history
Business experience, potential business plans, and other relevant details about your experience in business and economics
Your budgetary and time constraints
Based on these questions, we will discuss your visa options and explain, if applicable, your consultation fee.

What type of Visa can I apply for?

Australia has several kinds of visas for immigrants. Our team can help you determine which of these visas is best for your situation:

  • Student Visa
  • General Skilled Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Business Visa

For more visa options, contact our team at [email protected]

Migration To Australia


Immerse yourself in the quintessential Sydney lifestyle! Celebrate the land of opportunity
with the city the whole world loves. A city where futures are made!


Dynamic and cosmopolitan, experience the vibrant, multi-cultural diversity and
excitement of one the world’s most beautiful cities – Melbourne


Witness the twinkle in a student’s eye as they begin their pathway to success in Australia,
securing a future with no limitations


Make a valuable contribution to the economy and growth of Australia with endless opportunity
to succeed as you unleash your entrepreneurial spirit


The hub of this incredible city, from national news to world class sporting stadiums to superior
health care services and a healthy vibrant economy. A country where dreams are realised


Transform the direction of your future as you arrive at your destination in style.
Live and breathe the city where first class public transport systems deliver you to your dreams


Delight in the peaceful, picturesque beauty of the Australian countryside, saviour life
and an array of award winning wineries, Australia where relaxation is mandatory


Travel the Great Ocean Rd, one of the world’s most scenic coastlines and play witness
to the natural beauty of the 12 Apostles


Experience the relaxation of Australia’s world famous beaches, immerse yourself in the
crystal clear waters of NSW to the incredible surf beaches at Bondi and Bells Beach


When Oprah visited the Sydney Opera House the world was invited to Sydney and
has never left. An iconic Australian landmark that signifies you’re living the dream
in one of the world's most unique countries

Why Choose Us?


Our team follows a structured process of consultation to understand all of our clients current circumstances. Our agents are always available for questions throughout the entire visa process and will provide clear and concise Migration advice at all times.


We pride ourselves on our transparency and keep our clients fully informed throughout the visa application process. We ensure that our client understands exactly what they need to do to succeed and the likelihood of a visa being granted.


Our agents consult closely with you in order to deliver exceptional customer service and obtain a full understanding of your needs and future aspirations . We follow Code Of Conduct according to “Office of the Migration Agents Registration.”

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Would you like to learn more about how you can start your journey to a life in Australia? Request a call back from one of our Registered Migration agents. They will be in touch with you to ask you some questions and arrange a consultation. You can also email us at [email protected] .

For Businesses: Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly, or phone + 61 03 8579 2330— we would be delighted to speak.

Note: Your details are kept strictly confidential as per our Privacy Policy.

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Do you hope to study in Australia? Does the thought of working and living in Australia motivate you to achieve? From study and business visas through to permanent residency applications and more, the team at Glorious Immigration are waiting to assist you as you embark on the path to securing your future in Australia.